Estate Planning

Living Trust | Pour-Over Will | Durable Power of Attorney | Advance Health Care Directive | Facilitated Family Meeting

Mediation/Family Counseling Services

Kelly Rose Mason is a trained mediator in the field of trust and estate disputes. Conflict around an inheritance dispute or a will contests can often benefit from mediation rather than litigation. 

Trust Administration / Probate Services

When a loved one has passed away, we are here to help guide the executors/trustees through the process of settling the estate.

Family Meeting Facilitation Services

Speaking to loved ones about your wishes can be a challenging and uncomfortable process. Kelly Rose Mason uses her mediation skills to facilitate these conversations between family members.


Getting Started

The first step is to schedule an appointment with our office using my online scheduling service here:

or please email us at or call our office at (415) 454-4020.

We will normally offer a complimentary one-half-hour consultation for potential new clients who were referred by an existing client or colleague. The purpose of this time period is to get to know each other, understand what your needs are and discuss what costs may be involved. This complimentary period is not intended to provide free legal advice, however. If everyone decides to move forward, we will have set aside an additional 1.5 hours to make that possible.

During your initial consultation, we will evaluate and recommend the most suitable estate planning techniques for your particular situation. The process begins by collecting information concerning your objectives, your family (if any), and the things you care about.

To make the best use of everyone’s time, please take a few moments to complete the Questionnaire as completely as possible and bring it to your appointment along with the items (as many as you can) listed after “WHAT TO BRING TO YOUR FIRST APPOINTMENT“. Some of the more legal questions may need to be answered with our assistance; however, all names, addresses, financial institutions, and their contact info are vital to your plan and should be completed before the first visit.

To assist in this process, clients are encouraged to provide the following documents:

Please download our New Client Questionnaire


  1. A completed New Client Questionnaire (the link is above).
  2. Past or present estate planning documents such as wills or trusts
  3. The most recent Deed to any real property
  4. The most recent statement of each account from all financial institutions including: banks, brokerage firms, online accounts, annuities, and retirement accounts.
  5. Stock certificates, if any
  6. Marital agreements, including divorce settlements, if any
  7. Self-owned business documents such as buy-sell agreements
  8. Life insurance policies (unless you fill out the questionnaire completely)
  9. Contact information of your closest family and friends
  10. Any other documents that show ownership of property