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Mediation/Family Counseling Services

Kelly Rose Mason is a trained mediator in the field of trust and estate disputes. Conflict around an inheritance dispute or a will contests can often benefit from mediation rather than litigation. 

Trust Administration / Probate Services

When a loved one has passed away, we are here to help guide the executors/trustees through the process of settling the estate.

Family Meeting Facilitation Services

Speaking to loved ones about your wishes can be a challenging and uncomfortable process. Kelly Rose Mason uses her mediation skills to facilitate these conversations between family members.


Discussion – 


Discussion – 


Did you know a Mental Health Professional and a Lawyer make a really good mediation team?

Integrative Mediation is a co-mediation model that provides a holistic approach to conflict resolution so that all aspects of the dispute can be addressed. As the parties are supported in uncovering deeper issues that held the conflict in place, they are able to experience deeper resolution of the conflict.

Both mediators, the lawyer and the mental health professional, are neutral facilitators. Integrative mediation helps people disentangle their emotional and psychological reactions from their legal and financial facts.

Emotions are considered a central part of every dispute and are always addressed with care. This dramatically increases the efficiency of the mediation and the likelihood of reaching a cost-effective resolution.

An integrative mediation model maximizes the odds that the mediation will create a lasting agreement. Parties often report feeling empowered in the process and feeling more positive about the other person.

Integrative mediation can promote forgiveness and closure as well as initiate new levels of respect and love in future interactions.

For more info, see Integrative Mediation Bay Area,

I am trained in this wonderful and innovative model of conflict resolution and am happy to discuss this option with you if you are in need of mediation services. Please feel free to contact our office for more details.



Kelly Mason


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